He sets up a Startup even when he comes to Sanfermin to run the bulls

© Konrad Waliszewski. Pamplona

We have just learned of a new twist to running the Bulls in Pamplona during Sanfermin fiestas Рat the same time create and maintain a Startup business venture while you are at it. This is what we learn from Intel which reveals that Konrad Waliszewski, operations manager at Speek, decided one fine day to get rid of all his properties and ties that were binding him to a particular place and he decided to continue his work while he travelled around the globe in what he called his  #worldventureproject. Speek is a Startup created by Waliszewski which offers solutions to video-conference techniques and which allows him to work from anywhere as long as he has his new technology tools to work with. Thus, he combines travelling with work and he unburdens himself of all those things that bind a person to a particular place and location. Thanks to his use of the new technologies he can now work from any place around the globe.

And that is precisely what he is now doing as we have found out thanks to Intel¬†and to an article from Timothy Gunatilaka¬†where Waliszewski outlines how one fine day he realized that he did not need his office in Chicago in order to competently and successfully carry out his work.¬†“So then I thought, if I could have been anywhere, why was I sitting in Chicago (where I lived at the time) ‚ÄĒ especially during the winter? Unable to come up with a good answer, I sold my car, canceled my lease and set off around the world. I wasn‚Äôt sure if it would work, but I figured the worst case scenario would be that I lose all my revenue, burn through my savings and have to come back. I figured that it was a risk worth taking for such an incredible experience. I just made sure that I was always available by phone and email during U.S. hours. None of that happened, and I never missed a beat.I assumed traveling the world would actually increase my expenses, but it would be worth it. However, they were actually lower and my savings increased. The cost of living is generally much lower throughout the world, and I no longer had expensive rent, car payments, cable bills and other living expenses. Having visited approximately 50 countries, I‚Äôve been fortunate to have many fascinating experiences. Some of the ones that come to mind are traveling through rural Mozambique by land, exploring Petra in Jordan, running with the bulls in Pamplona…”, said Konrad to IQ.


The Publication from Intel which treats of these nomadic digital users and underlines how Konrad Waliszewski maintains his Startup even as he is making his journey across the globe.

In spite of spending several days in¬†Sanfermin fiestas, including participations in the Running of the Bulls, the professional career of Konrad continues to run smoothly. He travels with his laptop, his smart phone, his Kindle, and with a water-proof satchel for the rain. He also has his external battery, his extra money and his offline maps downloaded. With this particular outlook and attitude he does not forego his work commitments even in the middle of the fiestas scene and he points out¬†‚ÄúI believe that there are so many personal advantages, as well as academic and professional, in being able to travel, that it is a great pity that more people cannot manage to do it during their lives. Luckily, for me, thanks to the new technologies, work is not incompatible with travel.‚ÄĚ

The tools which Konrad Waliszewski are:¬†‚ÄúSpeek for all my telephone conferences and display work; Yesware¬†for mail, because it is the most efficient and it allows templates to be created for the repetitive parts of mail which avoids having to write the same thing 10 times per day; I also externalize many of my tasks to my virtual assistant at Zirtual¬†to make better use of my time. I also use oDesk¬†and¬†Fiverr¬†for certain projects; Dropbox¬†to back up my files and to ensure that I can accede to these from any kind of application. I can chat with people all day at HipChat¬†and I also use an unblocked iiPhone. I also make use of the global roaming plan at¬†Verizon¬†for short trips. I also make sure to use local SIM cards wherever I am, if I am more than a day or two there, and particularly when the plans at Verizon¬†are not covered in any particular zone.‚ÄĚ

© Konrad Waliszewski

60 years since Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature


Hemingway by Kukuxumusu 60 aniversario del Premio Nobel de Literatutra

On this day, exactly 60 years ago, Ernest Hemingway learned, while he was residing at the Finca Vigía (CUBA), that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature by the Swedish Academy. This award ensured his eternal fame and the appreciation of his written work and, in consequence, the image of Sanfermin and the fiestas of Pamplona. We celebrate that date with this drawing from Kukuxumusu.

Sanfermin with the ‚ÄúLebreles‚ÄĚ


Los Lebreles en Sanfermin © Warner Music Spain

Warner Music¬†has just issued this piece of fiesta action which they had been set up in Sanfermin by the group,¬†Los Lebreles between two streets of the old part of Pamplona in Eslava Street and Mayor Street. The ‚ÄúLos Lebreles‚ÄĚ did one of their typical scenes, making a sudden live appearance with their own fiesta scene and their music. As you can see in the images, they surprise us with the quality of their music in the city of the Sanfermin party scene.

Check out their web page and enjoy the show:  Loslebreles.com

The Los Lebreles in Sanfermin © Warner Music Spain

Lovers of the Bulls

Sanfermin: loving a bull

Although the bull might not be the only thing in the Sanfermin fiestas, for many the bull is at the core of the Sanfermin partying and for that reason they receive a lot of signs of fondness. Especially, from our friends the cows, who are committed to the bulls and who adore them and take care of them. Not too long to go now for Sanfermin 2015.

Singer Piero Pel√Ļ inspired his ‚ÄúToro Loco‚ÄĚ video with some Sanfermin images


Today we give an account of a curious musical video that was sent in by¬†Maco Biagioli to the Sanfermin page of Facebook.. In 2000, Italian Singer,¬†Piero Pel√Ļ,¬†published his musical piece,¬†‚ÄúToro Loco‚Ä̬†and whose accompanying musical video featured a lot of Sanfermin images. In the video we can find shots of the young bulls which are habitually released in the Pamplona Bullring just after the Running of the Bulls. ¬†We can also see shots of several Pamplona streets and the people who appear in the video are dressed up as if they had really come to the Sanfermin Fiestas.
We did not know of the existence of this video, and, although fourteen years have passed since its publication, it is rather amusing to think that this Italian artiste would have chosen Sanfermin images to illustrate and accompany his song, whose theme is love and passion. Yet another example of the close connection constantly being made between the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and any kind of reference made to the word, ‚ÄúBULL‚ÄĚ, for better or for worse.

The song was reissued in 2013 and the group,¬†Eiffel 65 made their own version in a Eurodance style.¬†Since 2009, Piero Pel√Ļ went on to form part of the group,¬†Litfiba along with¬†Ghigo Renzulli,¬†but currently he continues as a solo act. From time to time he plays with his old group, Litfiba, as for example, this past summer at the Traffic Festival of Torino. (Thanks to Paloma for that item of news).