La fiesta reflejada


Las gafas nos cuentan¬†a trav√©s del reflejo lo que provoca la alegr√≠a y la sonrisa de esta chica en Sanfermin. Podemos ver que disfruta de una plaza de toros llena, de alegr√≠a sincera donde la gente se entrega a la juerga sin tapujos… es el txupinazo, en tonos azules, como bajo el mar, el mar de la fiesta reflejada. La imagen es de Jes√ļs Caso, que tambi√©n refleja a trav√©s de su c√°mara de fotos lo que la fiesta ocurre.

Jes√ļs Caso. Txupinazo Sanfermin.

Jes√ļs Caso. Txupinazo Sanfermin.

The American Secretary of State, John Kerry, remembers Sanfermin fiestas in his salute to Spain


On the Occasion of Spain's National Day Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC October 11, 2014

The American Secretary of State, John Kerry, spoke in the name of President Obama- when an official statement of congratulations was issued from The USA Government to toast Spain on the celebration of its annual national day ‚Äď the D√≠a de la Hispanidad. In his statement, Kerry made mention of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls¬†and of his own participation in the Pamplona Fiestas. The text was published on the 11th of October, in the segment ‚ÄúDiplomacy in action‚Ä̬†on the web site of the Department of State of The USA. This is not the first time that this has occurred as he also used the same reference in his congratulations last year, which shows, perhaps, the intensity of his Sanfermin memories when it comes to making reference to Spain. In January, 2013, the United States Ambassador to Spain at that time, Alan Solomont, revealed that new Secretary of State, John Kerry, had once participated in the running of the bulls in Sanfermin, back in the 1970s.

The 2014 congratulatory statement from John Kerry reads:

I‚Äôll never forget my first visit to Spain ‚Äď and to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls ‚Äď while I was in college with friends road-tripping our way through Europe‚Ķ

John Kerry, secretario de Estado Sanfermin Pamplona

This reference to the Running of the Bulls in Sanfermin is perhaps from someone from the highest level of political importance ever made up to now.

John Kerry. Official Portrait Department of State USA

John Kerry. Official Portrait Department of State USA

In honor of the Minotaur


© Carlos Mediavilla

It seems like a classical tribute to the bull. This is, in fact, Sanfermin, and not ancient Greek mythology but the tribute paid to the Minotaur, to the queen of the fiesta in this case, is very clear. That is how Carlos Mediavilla has caught it and it was added to the humorous and pagan Sanfermin prayer in this place and in this moment.