Concerts for Sanfermin 2015


Nacys Rubias

Pamplona City Hall has just released the concert program for Sanfermin 2015. Among the musicians coming are Mario Vaquerizo with las Nancy Rubias, Boni, Medina Azahara La MODA (la marvillosa Orquesta del Alcohol), Miguel Campello, M-Clan, El puchero del hortelano, Siniestro Total and Play de Game (Tributo Queen).

The budget outlay for the music concerts at the Plaza of los Fueros is 200.000 euros and for the Plaza del Castillo main square the figure is 110.000 euros. This serves to confirm that, yet again this year, the Plaza of los Fueros is becoming the main venue for concerts over these past few years.

In the Plaza of los Fueros the performances from the main groups and bands are programmed to begin at 00.15 a.m. although most nights there will be supporting groups playing from 23.30 p.m. (as soon as the nightly fireworks displays finish). In addition, between 21.30 and las 22.30 p.m. there will also be music playing, either with DJs or with music groups and other music artists, as has been the case during these past years.

The Plaza del Castillo main square is programming music performances of a different style and in contrast to the shows in the Plaza de los Fueros and it includes a wide range of styles for all those who enjoy the festive nights in the main square during the Sanfermin fiestas.

Plaza del Castillo

Plaza de los Fueros

The Running of the Bulls with Renault 4 in 1983


Renault 4. Anuncio de 1983 con encierro incluido.

The Sanfermin Runnings of the Bulls ¬†and the bullrunnings in general have been used in a stack of publicity spots, as can be easily seen on the¬†YouTube Channel on Sanfermin. Today, we look back at a TV commercial from 1983 which we came across, made for the prestigious automobile¬†Renault trademark, and its legendary Renault 4 model. In this commercial we can see a bullrunning which was filmed in the town of¬†Candeleda (√Āvila)¬†with a yellow Renault 4.

The Running of the bulls features in the final part of this commercial and it attempts to show what appears to be a complete running, just like the Pamplona one, in which the car features as just another runner. We can see how the running of the bulls starts off with the traditional rocket being set off and then it continues through some narrow streets, similar to Estafeta Street, and it comes to an end inside a bullring. The runners are not dressed in the traditional red and white gear, but the bulls and the bell oxen are very similar to those that appear in Pamplona.

It should be remembered that just a year earlier (1982),¬†Spanish national¬†TVE had broadcast the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls live for the first time. This broadcast was repeated once again in 1983 and that year it had a big impact on audience ratings and popularity. It seems clear that the creative staff of the publicity company decided that featuring a running of the bulls would be the perfect outlet for their automobile commercial. The slogan used was ‚ÄúRenault 4, its beauty lies in its mechanics‚ÄĚ Even the musical jingle is personalized and reflects exactly the type of music which was in fashion in those years.

This commercial served to promote sales of the Renault 4 in Spain in 1983. This particular model was being made in the FASA Factory in Valladolid. The commercial spot was filmed in different parts in different regions; in Asturias they shot the river scene and the canoes, while in Andaluc√≠a they filmed the highway scenes and in the province of √Āvila they filmed a running of the bulls, in the town of Candeleda.

Dennis Clancey, an American runner in the Running of the Bulls and film director, is now working with the rescue teams in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake


Dennis Clancey en un receso de la jornada en Nepal. SETH ROBSON/STARS AND STRIPES

Dennis Clancey is a regular runner of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls, habitually in the stretch between the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the Mercaderes corner, ever since 2007. In addition, he is the director of the latest film about the Sanfermin Bullrunning (a documentary entitled Chasing red). Right now he is in Nepal with some twenty other members of the Rubicon Team. This team is made up of military veterans from the USA army who use their military training to help people caught up in natural disasters.

Dennis Clancy carrying out some of his daily tasks, accompanied by Lang Hasta, a Gurkha from the British army. Image from SETH ROBSON/STARS AND STRIPES

Dennis Clancy carrying out some of his daily tasks, accompanied by Lang Hasta, a Gurkha from the British army. Image from SETH ROBSON/STARS AND STRIPES

Clancey has been part of this team for the past six months and he is now experiencing his first rescue attempt, according to the army magazine, Stars & Stripes, the official magazine for the military community of the United States army. The team arrived in Katmandu on the 2nd of May and they have mainly worked on restoring electricity supply to outlying areas with difficult access. Clancey and his companions experienced the second earthquake tremor but without suffering any direct casualties. got in touch with Clancey yesterday, 13th of May, and both he and his colleagues are in good condition and carrying out their relief tasks on schedule.

Clancey himself is a veteran of the Iraq war and an ex – infantry captain of the United States army. His concrete role within the Rubicon Team is on this occasion is to plan aid tasks for peripheral areas of Katmandu, in areas with difficult access and under complex conditions.

Dennis Clancey is well-known among Sanfermin fans for being the director of the latest film about the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls ‚Äď the documentary, Chasing Red. This film has been shown at some film festivals and has already received some awards. The film deals with the experiences of several runners in the Pamplona Running of the Bulls such as Bill Hillman and Gus Ritchie and it also counts on the appearance of the all-rounder, Andy Bell, among others.

Clancey is a fervent fan of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls and he himself has done some good running on the stretch between city hall at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and corner of Mercaderes/Estafeta Street. His relief work in Nepal will not prevent him from enjoying this year’s Sanfermin fiestas during this coming July, 2015.

Dennis Clancy in the black shirt, in this shot taken by ¬©Mikel Go√Īi

Dennis Clancey in the black shirt, in this shot taken by ¬©Mikel Go√Īi

Send your proposal for the Doodle from Google on the 7th of July to be dedicated to Sanfermin

Vemos la palabra Google dibujada en trazos rojos difuminados y la segunda letra O, es un toro rojo rampante del mismo tono que el texto.

This morning we once again made the suggestion to Google that they should dedicate their Doodle on the 7th of July to the Sanfermin fiestas. The Doodle is the drawing which appears on the search page when anyone enters to make a search of any kind and the drawing is often made in homage and in dedication to different worthy people and events… A creative team at Google is responsible for selecting the themes and making the corresponding drawing. We hope to convince them with your proposals on the theme of Sanfermin. This is something we already tried some years ago, without success and this time we hope to convince them with the help of all of you.

This form aims to gather some good reasons that we will then forward to Google and in this way we may stimulate their disposition towards dedicating the 7th of July to the Sanfermin fiestas. We propose these options but you may also come up with others which can be inserted in the Others field.

You can visit the Google Doodles web page to see the extensive and praiseworthy work which is carried out by this particular Google team.

Caravinagre is 66 years old, San Ferm√≠n is 36 and the Giants and their retinue have an average age of 35, according to the ‚ÄėHowoldrobot‚Äô from Microsoft


Edad de San Ferm√≠n 36 a√Īos. How Old MicrosoftEdad de San Ferm√≠n 36 a√Īos. How Old Microsoft

At some time a lot of you have probably thought about putting Caravinagre and San Ferm√≠n through the¬†Microsoft¬†application that attempts to forecast the age from the image‚Ķ well, we have done so and the #howoldrobot¬†tells us that Caravinagre is 66 years old, San Ferm√≠n is 36 and the ‚ÄėEurope‚Äô Giant is 33. The average age of the Giants and their retinue is 35, with widely different predictions being made.

Caravinagre 66 a√Īos How Old Microsoft

In the case of Caravinagre, the prediction made by the appliance is a bit scary because it is quite close to the truth. This particular ‚Äúkiliki‚ÄĚ is in fact 74 years old. Caravinagre was made in the Porta-Coeli workshops in Valencia in 1941. However, in the case of San Ferm√≠n and some of the giants, the forecasts are not so realistic; indeed, the gentle features of the saint and some of the giants made by Tadeo Amorena are a long way older than the thirties. Perhaps the appliance fails here because of the smooth features of these sculptures‚Ķ has become very popular and well-known in spite of the fact that everything began just as a stratagem in order to carry out a demonstration by two Microsoft engineers at a Congress. This appliance, now so popular, came into being as a result of a stratagem used to demonstrate the capacity of the Azure system from Microsoft that allows APIS to be developed to show machines how to do different tasks (‚Äėmachine learning‚Äô). These¬†FACE APIs from Microsoft, which integrates this system, can gather identities, age, sex, etc‚Ķ¬† and after trying out this stratagem we have to admit that there is no doubt about its potential for the future.

San Fermín’s age is 36. How Old robot from Microsoft gives San Fermín as 36 years old.

San Fermín’s age is 36. How Old robot from Microsoft gives San Fermín as 36 years old.

The first Kukuxumusu T-shirt for Sanfermin 2015


Today is the 5th of May and there is not long to go for Sanfermin 2015. Our particular way to celebrate this step on the ladder towards Sanfermin fiestas is by giving a foretaste of the forthcoming 2015 Kukuxumusu Collection with this Evolution Running T-shirt. This year sees the 26th anniversary of Kukuxumusu origins and this T-shirt displays the evolution of the drawing of the Kukuxumusu blue bulls from right back in 1989 all the way up to 2015.

Evolution Running can be got in a unisex model at the Kukuxumusu Online Shop. And precisely because today is the 5th of May – a key date in Pamplona for taking another big step on the ladder towards the Sanfermin fiestas ‚Äď we have put a special discount of 15% which is valid until the 10th of May, as long as you use the SANFERMIN Voucher in the purchase transaction.

The bulls on the T-shirt display the evolution of the Kukuxumusu drawing over the past 26 years of Sanfermin sketching. We move from a blue bull with a heavy outline, with yellow horns and rigid limbs towards a bull that starts to take on some curves and a more expressive face and eyes. The personality of the drawings of the Kukuxumusu blue bull towards the final creation of Mister Testis, where the animal can now walk on two hind legs and take a step out of the world of beasts in order to mix in with the humans, whenever he feels like it.

New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu

New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu

Do you know that AC/DC had the Sanfermin necktie put on them?


Se puede ver en la imagen al cantante del grupo de rock AC/DC, Brian Johnson, con Rudi Goroskieta, presentador radiof√≥nico de Pamplona. Johnson aparece con su gorra cl√°sica y Goroskieta con una amplia melena rizada. Ambos llevan pa√Īuelo rojo de Sanfermin.

Can you image AC/DC with a Sanfermin necktie on? Well, there is no need to try to image it, but the photos make it pretty clear. In this image we can see Brian Johnson alongside Rudy Goroskieta, program commentator for Rockefor radio ‚Äď now known as radio In 1996, Rudy was the presenter of Cadena 100 of the same program. Thanks to Rudy himself we learned about this story which he himself has described as ‚ÄúThe wildest moment in his life‚ÄĚ and which end up with a red Sanfermin necktie being put around the neck of the members of this legendary Australian rock band.

Let‚Äôs go back to July, 1996 when there was an initiative undertaken by Cadena 100 radio and Planet Rock to take 20 coaches from Pamplona to Madrid to see AC/DC play live right in the middle of Sanfermin fiestas. The Aussie group was going to play over four nights in Madrid as part of their¬†‚ÄúBallbreak Tour‚Ä̬†and they opened up on the 10th of July ‚Äď a special day also because it was planned to film them with¬†David Mallet as director, so as to create a DVD of their world tour. As the concert was being held within a bullring, the promotion slogan read ‚ÄúNO BULL‚ÄĚ and the poster showed a bullfighter making a pass of his cape with the guitarist from the group, Angus Young.

The Las Ventas bullring was packed with fans but the group could not help but notice a large number of fans were wearing red neckties ‚Äď those who had come from Pamplona on the 20 coaches. The band members asked the producer why all these people were wearing red neckties. The producer explained to them that those members of the public had come down from Pamplona, which was just then having its bullrunnings in the middle of their annual fiestas . When they heard this, the group members wanted to immediately meet some of the fiestas fans and they called Rudy Goroskieta up. As Rudy himself puts it: ‚ÄúSuddenly I found myself in front of the band. I tied on a red necktie around each member of the group and I felt like I was the mayor of the city for a moment. They even asked me about the¬†KOMA T-shirt which I was wearing. Then, they started asking me about the running of the bulls, the bulls, the fiestas…I WAS BLOWING MY MIND OUT OVER THE WHOLE SCENE‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

And that is how AC/DC ended up with the Sanfermin necktie around their necks.

Rudy Goroskieta con Angus Young en Madrid en 1996.

Rudy Goroskieta with Angus Young in Madrid in 1996.

Kilikón, from Javier Erice, is the winning poster to announce the 2015 Sanfermin Fiestas


Javier Erice a la derecha y el cartel de kilik√≥n a la izquierda. Javier le saca la burla con la mano abierta coloca en la nariz al cartel, donde un ni√Īo realiza la misma postura a Caravinagre

Javier Erice Larumbe¬†and his poster creation, entitled Kilik√≥n, will announce the 2015 Sanfermin fiestas. His creation received 1, 511 votes from a total of 5, 124 votes cast by the citizens of Pamplona which gave him a percentage of 29, 4% of the total votes. From the votes cast on Internet by voters from the municipal census list, Kilik√≥n was the first option with 1, 098 votes with a margin of 362 votes over ‚ÄúMogoll√≥n‚ÄĚ, poster number 7, which was created by Carlos Garc√≠a L√≥pez from Barcelona. The winning poster from Erice was also the first option, although with a tighter margin, from among those who cast their vote in person at the Civivox municipal premises, belonging to Pamplona City Hall, with 398 votes as compared with the 354 votes received by the poster ‚ÄúMogoll√≥n‚ÄĚ.

In the open¬†survey carried out online by, in which it was not necessary to be on Pamplona city census list, Kilik√≥n achieved an even higher margin over the rest of the entrants where the winning poster was given 44% of the total number of votes cast. However, outside Pamplona, the Mogoll√≥n‚ÄĚ poster proved to be less popular and the two best runner-up posters were those of ‚ÄúLa despedia de los Gigantes‚ÄĚ and ‚Äú8 d√≠as de blanco y rojo‚ÄĚ.

At the press conference today, the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, wished to underline the fact that for him personally, it was a thrill to know that the winning poster, with its image of Caravinagre, will feature as the official poster to announce the fiestas of  Sanfermin this coming July. It was equally satisfying to find that the author was a local man from Pamplona. It was also satisfying to see that the participation in the voting this year had improved on that of last year with a total of 5,124 votes cast Р47.4% more than in 2014. However, the total does not reach the 6.422 votes cast in 2012 or the 9, 782 votes cast in 2009.

Author Javier Erice, was trained in the School of Arts and Crafts. Although he has never dedicated himself full-time to working as an artist he has always kept in close contact with the world of painting and photography. Erice stressed that he chose the ‚Äúpaper-Mache Big-Head‚ÄĚ figure of Caravinagre ‚Äúbecause he felt like doing it‚ÄĚ and that he did not take into account any fashionable trends in painting but rather worked wholly from his own criteria. He underlined the fact that by choosing Caravinagre he wished to reflect his own childhood fears and, on the other hand, with the nose-thumbing gesture of the small child, he wished to create a simple manner of dealing with those situations that can terrify us.

Se puede puede ver a Javier Erice con el cartel en la mano y su reflejo en el espejo de la sala de prensa del ayuntamiento de Pamplona

Javier Erice con su obre en la rueda de prensa de presentación del cartel ganador

(Espa√Īol) Kilikon ser√° el cartel de Sanfermin 2015


Resultados de la encuesta web donde el cartel Kilikon gana con el 44% de los votos. M√°s de 1300.

Seg√ļn los lectores y seguidores de, “Kilik√≥n” ser√° el cartel de Sanfermin 2015. Tras una semana de encuestas a trav√©s de y las redes sociales de Sanfermin, “Kilik√≥n” ser√° el cartel ganador porque obtuvo 1.390 elecciones, el 44,1% de todas las votaciones. Le sigue con un 31% de las elecciones “La despedida de los gigantes” que ha registrado 983 votos.

Con estos datos principales podemos concluir que entre estos dos carteles est√° el gusto mayoritario de nuestros seguidores. El resto, como se puede ver en la tabla, le sigue a distancia aunque el orden es “8 d√≠as de rojo y blanco”, “San Ferm√≠n Pamplona Lovers”, “Mogoll√≥n”, “Estallido & recompensa” , “Urdin gorri” y “Ciudad Abierta / Hiria zabalik”.

Kilikon 1390 44.1%
La despedida de los gigantes 983 31.2%
8 días de rojo y blanco 324 10.3%
San Fermín Pamplona Lovers 230 7.3%
Mogollón 122 3.9%
Estallido & recompensa 50 1.6%
Urdin gorri 33 1%
Ciudad abierta / Hiria zabalik 22 0.7%

El sistema utilizado permite votar varias veces y, si bien los votos totales pueden estar inflados porque hay quienes han votado muchas veces por diferentes carteles, los porcentajes se han mantenido desde el inicio de la encuesta. Veremos el martes que viene si hemos acertado. Muchas gracias a quienes han participado.

Ilustraci√≥n con un perfil de Caravinagre gigante que ocupa la parte izquierda y central del cartel.  Ala derecha y abajo se amanece el perfil en sombre de un ni√Īo que se burla del kiliki.

Cartel Kilikon finalista concurso de carteles de San fermin 2015