Tablón de Anuncios de 2016

20 January 2016

The Noticeboard is back once again

As from today, after a period of stationary maintenance, the Notice Board is now active once again for the 2016 Sanfermin fiestas. This noticeboard has become a reference when it comes to renting and booking for Sanfermin events and it has served over the past decade by putting users in communication with one another.
The Noticeboard allows owners and tenants to find each other for many events and aspects of the Sanfermin fiestas. Some are looking for a balcony for the Running of the Bulls while others are looking for apartments. Others might be looking for friends or even a parking lot for their automobiles. There was even one memorable case of a girl who was searching for her Sanfermin love and she pinned up an announcement and… FOUND him.

The Noticeboard has evolved in different ways and, at the moment, it works by buying codes which allow users to later pin up their Sanfermin offers or requests on the webpage. is only responsible for exhibiting the communication and listing the necessary data so as to avoid false offers but it does not accept responsibility for the services that are announced on the noticeboard. To get professional services related to the fiestas we can provide balconies to the running of the bulls and tourist packages with hotel from Sanfermin by locals, or from Findor should you wish to rent individual rooms.

Payment is made online by means of Paypal or debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard…) and it cannot be made in cash or by a bank transfer. The pre-defined categories for announcements are as follows: Renting Apartments/Rooms –/ Renting balconies / Shared Accommodation / Work in Sanfermin and Other Aspects. It is important to bear in mind that the e-mail which is facilitated with the initial payment operation will be the one that will be published on the web page and to which the codes will be sent and which will also be used for security purposes. Many announcements use their own e-mail for Sanfermin and another to pay by Paypal. This is possible because after filling in the name and email address, the Paypal application is initiated where each user can accede with their own normal e-mail addresses for the online payment. If we put an email in this initial step which would be different to the one we want to appear on the web page, the codes used to publish the announcements would not work. In this way, we avoid the theft of codes and we are allowed use different accounts to publish different announcements which are distinct from the personal email just as was requested by our users some years ago.

It is important to point out that the prices of 2016 have come down compared to those of 2015, but the cost of maintenance of the web page has not, nor the security aspect, nor the display of the announcements.

Insert an announcement / Look at announcements

Cantidad PRECIO
1 anuncio 5 euros
5 anuncios 20 euros
10 anuncios 30 euros
5 anuncio PREMIUM 40 euros
10 anuncios PREMIUM 60 euros
Pedro Armestre en la inauguración de la expo "Colgados por la Pasión"

20 January 2016

Two Sanfermin Exhibitions among the four most-visited of recent years in Pamplona

Interest in the Sanfermin fiestas is once again clearly shown from statistical data. We learn from the Pamplona City Hall Citizens Commission through its spokesperson, the councilor of culture, Maider Beloki, that according to official figures, the most-visited exhibition in Pamplona in recent years was,  Colgados de la pasión“ from  photographer Pedro Armestre ” with a total attendance of 11.527 visitors. This exhibition was opened in the Palacio del Condestable in Pamplona on the 2nd of July and the exhibition continued to receive daily updates of photos from Pedro Armestre taken during the fiestas.

In addition, the fourth most-visited exhibition with an attendance of 6, 565 in 2015 which was held in the cultural premises of Pamplona City Hall also had a Sanfermin theme. The exhibition consisted of a collection of finalist posters from the Sanfermin Poster Competition 2015.

The attendance ranking of the top four exhibitions was precisely 11, 527 visitors for Pedro Armestre, 7, 870 visitors for the exhibition “Desterrados” from Abel Azcona, 7, 527 for the sculpture exhibition from David Rodríguez Caballero and the 6, 565 visitors to view the Finalist Posters of San Fermín 2015, according to the official figures released by Pamplona City Hall.

© Rodrigo Sebastián Cabrera. 14/7/2015. Miura.

15 January 2016

Could we see a Running of the Bulls made in under two minutes in 2016?

Photo: ©Rodrigo Sebastián Cabrera

Nobody would have thought that within a few years we could be asking a question like this: Might there be a Sanfermin 2016 Running of the Bulls of under two minutes duration? This premise is a logical one because on the 14th of July, 2015, the Miura bulls clocked a record-breaking run of just two minutes five seconds. This is a first-ever record for the Running of the Bulls because the whole pack of six bulls completed the whole distance of 875 meters that constitute the length of the course, running at an average speed of 25, 2 Km per hour. You can watch the best photos of these day HERE. And the answer that we feel we can give from is an affirmative yes that it is possible for a Sanfermin bullrunning to be completed in less than two minutes. And indeed, we may not need to wait much longer than 2016.

In order to contextualize this affirmation we must admit that we already know that there have been some bulls that have been as fast as that. And not only those bulls of the past few years. According to a study made by Raúl Imedio, from the La Jarana Peña Club, the fastest bull over the period between 1985 and 1997 was “Huraño”, a Jandilla bull of some 598 kilos that managed to cover the distance between the pens in Santo Domingo up to the arena of the bullring in 1 minute 43 seconds on the 11th of July, 1997. In 2003, “Comadroso”, a bull from the Dolores Aguirre bull-ranch reached the bullring in under two minutes.

© Xabi Lizarraga. Comadroso volando en la plaza del Ayuntamiento. 12 de julio. Dolores Aguirre.

© Xabi Lizarraga. Comadroso volando en la plaza del Ayuntamiento. 12 de julio. Dolores Aguirre.

Recently, in a speed very similar to that of the Miura bulls, one of the Victoriano del Río bulls reached an average speed of 25 kilometers per hour when running the 312 meters of the stretch of Estafeta in just 45 seconds on the 12th of July, 2012.

©Mikel Lasa. 12 de julio de 2012. Victoriano del Río.

©Mikel Lasa. 12 de julio de 2012. Victoriano del Río.

Considering these speeds, it should be remembered that the whole stretch of the course is far from being flat and that there is an important uphill slope over most of the course. It is clear that the strength of these bulls is immense. The 280 meters of the first stretch at Santo Domingo has an ascending slope of some 6% and in Estafeta Street, in its two sections, there is a slope of 3,60% up to the bajada de Javier (138 metros)- and then a further 1,40% -up to the Kukuxumusu store at the top of the street (168 metros).

What was different about 2015 was the fact that we had never seen a complete pack of bulls complete the course in such a fast time. The pack of Miura bulls actually covered the whole course in 2 min. 02sec.from the moment that the first bull came out of the pens in Santo Domingo, until the last bull entered the pens inside the bullring. However, for the global time of the run, we are also counting the group of bell oxen that ran with the bulls which means the definitive time was registered at 2min. 05sec.

For the above-mentioned reasons, and bearing in mind the physical condition of the bull-oxen, if the bulls repeat the feat of the Miura of the 14th of 2015, we could well be at the point of seeing a new record of under two minutes set up.

There were no special circumstances at play on the day of the Miura bulls that would make the day different from any other. It is true that it was a hot day. But the temperature would not appear to be a determining factor in this situation. The ground was very dry and the temperature was at 18ºC at that hour of the morning. It was the 42nd hottest Running of the Bulls which means there have been 41 Runnings of the bulls where the temperature was even hotter. The hottest on record was that of the 8th of July, 1982 which was run with a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade. The Los Albaserrada bull-ranch put the stop-watch at a figure of 3min.31sec. on that sweltering morning.

What was important on the day of the Miura bulls was the fact that the bulls did not hold back at any moment. There were no charges or gorings made by them (a total of 25 of the 35 Miura appearances in the Running of the Bulls have finished without any gorings). But some parts of the running was slower than others as for example, when the leading bull knocked down some runners at Telefónica and lost its leading position. Two other bulls lost their pace going through the entrance area of the bullring when they were blocked by runners on the right side of the passageway.
The two-minute record is there for the making and the taking.

These have been the fastest running of the bulls on record:

14/7/15 Miura 2´05″ Dry
13/7/11 El Pilar 2´11″ Dry
8/7/98 Conde de la Corte 2´12″ Dry
13/7/15 Garcigrande 2´12″ Dry
10/7/98 Cebada Gago 2´13″ Dry
14/7/98 Torrealta 2´13″ Dry
9/7/06 Miura 2´13″ Dry
13/7/10 El Pilar 2´14″ Dry
10/7/13 Victoriano del Río 2´14″ Dry
8/7/15 Del Tajo y La Reina 2´14″ Dry
10/7/97 Torrestrella 2´15″ Dry
14/7/05 Victorino Martín 2´15″ Dry
11/7/06 Osborne 2´15″ Dry
12/7/01 Marqués de Domecq 2´16″ Dry
@ Mikel Ciaurriz. Chupinazo de Sanfermin.

8 January 2016

The Sanfermines are just as important for the people of Pamplona as the Barcelona v. Madrid soccer games are for their citizens

It is pretty obvious that the Sanfermin fiestas are a big annual event for the city of Pamplona. The novelty lies in the fact that now someone has come up with a means of measuring the repercussion that such grand events have for each city that holds some such event. And it seems that the Sanfermin fiestas obtained such a high placing that only the annual soccer games between Real Madrid y Barcelona achieve a higher rating. Who were the voters? More than one thousands councillors and other such representative citizens from all the provincial capitals from around the state who responded to the study in December 2015. This idea has come from the Instituto Coordenadas de Gobernanza y Economía Aplicada (The Coordination Institute for Governing and Applied Economics). The executive vice-president and director of this Project, Jesús Sánchez Lambás, relates that “we have not taken into consideration here the monuments or the social attributes, nor the idiosyncrasies or natural distinctions of each place. We feel that the events themselves have been one of the least elements studied and yet these make a decisive contribution in shaping the image of our cities around the world.”

In the study, the Sanfermin fiestas become the best-loved and reference event for the city of Pamplona. The ratings received in the study places the Sanfermines among the best events rated by the municipal councilors and the citizens themselves. Only the football games between Real Madrid F.C. and Barcelona F.C. receive a higher rating and repercussion for their cities. Pamplona shares the same rating given to the annual carnival event of Santa Cruz de Tenerife as it also does with the Feria de Abril in Seville. The Sanfermin ratings given by those who took part in the study for Pamplona puts the annual July event higher than other events such as The Fallas in Valencia, the Orgullo Gay event or the , the World/Cellular Congress or the Live BBK Festival.

The Instituto Coordenadas de Gobernanza y Economía Aplicada is currently developing the term “Marca Ciudad” (‘City Trademark) and it carries out studies in order to discover and measure the elements that go to make these ratings up, among other considerations and projects that they do.

The Results of the City Trademark study from the Instituto Coordenadas Rating from 0 to 1, where 0 is the worst rating and 1 the highest

Barcelona Partidos del Fútbol Club Barcelona 0,998
Madrid Partidos del Real Madrid 0,997
Pamplona Sanfermin 0,996
Sevilla Feria del Abril 0,996
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnavales 0,996
Madrid Orgullo Gay 0,995
Oviedo Premios Princesa de Asturias 0,995
Bilbao Festival BBK Live 0,991
Madrid Mutua Madrid Open de tenis 0,990
Barcelona World Mobile Congress 0,980
Valencia Fallas de Valencia 0,980
San Sebastián Festival Internacional de Cine 0,925
Barcelona Festival Sónar 0,879
Palma de Mallorca Copa del Rey de Vela 0,809
© REUTERS/Joseba Etxaburu. 8 julio 2015.

29 December 2015

A Sanfermin photo from Joseba Etxaburu in the top Reuters list of 2015

A Sanfermin snapshot from photographer, Joseba Etxaburu, has made the final list for the annual photo selection from Reuters for 2015. The snapshot shows a frisky young heifer charging into the Pamplona bullring immediately after the Running of the Bulls event, for the runners to play with inside the bullring. The photo was taken on the 8th of July, 2015. That same day, the snapshot was chosen as top choice from a list of twenty-five that is made by the editor of Reuters each morning.

The photo taken by Joseba Etxaburu is no. 85 from a total of 91 photos which go to make up a summary of the whole year in photos from this agency. In order to get take the photo, taken with a low-angle shot by Joseba Etxaburu, the photographer had to jump into the arena and get down on his knees in a dangerous stance. He needed to keep his concentration and to be very fast to catch an image that lasts less than a second. In fact, there is a counter-image to this photo which was taken by another very good photographer, Carlos Mediavilla Arandigoyen, from just the opposite side at that same moment. This impressive photo shows the exact position of Etxaburu as he is about to get his photo, alongside another photographer, Alvaro Barrientos from AP who is just a little to his right.

@ Carlos Mediavilla Arandigoyen.

@ Carlos Mediavilla Arandigoyen.

© AFP Álvaro Barrientos. 8 de julio de 2015. Sanfermin. Pamplona.

© AFP Álvaro Barrientos. 8 de julio de 2015. Sanfermin. Pamplona.

And perhaps a sense of justice has been returned to Joseba Etxaburu with this photo. Because in 2012, the photographer suffered a tossing by a young heifer when he had tried to get a similar snapshot from inside the bullring arena. On that occasion, his colleague and fellow-photographer, Susana Vera took a snapshot of the tossing and it was selected by the same agency as one of the best Reuters 2012 images with Joseba Etxaburu as the unfortunate protagonist. The young heifer did not cause any injury to Etxaburu at the time but the image was seen around the world. Both events tell us a lot about the drive and commitment of a photographer like Etxaburu, as year after year he tries to get some great San Fermín images for his agency.