They want to attach a camera to the horn of the bull for the Sanfermin bullrunnings


@ Iosu Pezonaga. 2014.

A top leading foreign agency has got in touch just lately with sanfermin.comĀ in order to ask them whom would they need to speak to in order to get permission to put a camera on the horn of one of the bulls for the Running of the Bulls event.Ā They went on to check with us on different kinds of technical points and explained how they had wide experience in this kind of thing with similar kinds of events in different fields. Furthermore, they asked us our opinion about some other possible events that might be offered by the Sanfermin fiestas. Obviously, in the case of the Running of the Bulls, we pointed them in the direction of the City Hall authorities and we explained the rules and regulations to them as best we could. We warned them that their idea is something which had never previously been doneā€¦but that only seemed to stimulate their interest even moreā€¦we shall just have to wait and see what the final outcome will be.

It seems very likely that this agency could have learned of the initiative taken this past summer by theĀ AsociaciĆ³n Bou en Corda (from Turis), in Valencia. This association supports the traditional event in that part of Spain of having a bull loose on the street, but tethered by a rope (rather like a leash on a dog). They installed a camera for the first time to study the behavior of the animal. On our cover image we have made a creation of how a bull might carry a camera on its horn in the bullrunning in Sanfermines. But this video from Turis, provided byĀ Antena3Ā television also serves to gives us an idea of what the agency is thinking of doing.

This is by no means the first time that we have had requests of this nature. In fact, it is the fifth time in the last few years. Generally, the requests for information come from foreign agencies which have publicity and commercial interests in getting some attractive and unusual audiovisuals shots. Their Production Departments donā€™t hold back when it comes to this kind of thing. For example, there was a case in 2012, when cameras and videos were prohibited by City Hall from being used inside the Running of the Bulls course,Ā except for the permission given by Pamplona City Hall for a spectacular piece of filming made by #BURN. In this case, there could be a loophole found, given that the owners of the Bulls are different to the people who are in charge of security and safety aspects in the streets during the bullrunning.

A trip to Sanfermin with Kukuxumusu


Culebra y lƔpiz del 26 Anibestiario de Kukuxumusu

KukuxumusuĀ celebrates its 26 historic yearsĀ under the name of the 26th anniv-bestiary with an open invitation to vote your favorite all-time T-shirt drawings from a selection of 100 at the web site

From the results obtained, the top ten voted T-shirts will be reprinted and, from among the participants, there will be a draw made with the prize of a trip to Sanfermin 2015 for the winner.

At the web page of this event, up to a 100 drawings will be activated, in categories, and everyone can select their favorites from among the whole list. The page will be open and running until next June and from the T-shirt drawings chosen by the participants, the top 10 T-shirts will be reprinted from with the selection. Obviously, from among the range of 100 drawings, there will be one category solely dedicated to Sanfermin drawings and these will be pinned up as soon as the categories are fully sorted out by us.

There also exists the possibility of participating in another manner ā€“ by sending in stories and accounts from fans of Kukuxumusu about their experiences with the Kukuxumusu trademark, its products, meeting up with the founder-members or even some of the workers from the early days, so that we can all get to know what lies behind the company and its 26 years of hilarious drawings. Did you fall in love while wearing a Kukuxumusu t-shirt? Did you come across anyone wearing a Kukuxumusu T-shirt while you were on the top of a live volcano?ā€¦Ā tell it all here.

Si no tienes un duro no te hace caso nadie


Si no tienes un duro, no te hace caso nadie, dice la canciĆ³n. A quien sĆ­ les hacen caso es a todos los txistularis y gaiteros que tocan juntos tras el txupinazo en medio de la plaza ante sus fieles devotos.

El video estĆ” grabado desde uno de los balcones que by Locals pone a disposiciĆ³n para sus clientes, tanto para el Chupinazo como para el encierro. Como se puede ver, un lugar inigualable para gente de Pamplona y de donde venga.

A view of Sanfermin from Josef Kouldeka


Josef Koudelka 1976 Ā© Magnum Photos

It can be an interesting and constructive experience to look back at former years of the ā€œfiesta de Sanferminā€Ā to check out some of the aspects of the fiestas in the old days. Some things have changed and disappeared while others have changed for the better. And one of the best ways to do this is by checking out some of the material that theĀ MagnumĀ Photo Agency has accumulated over the years from such renowned photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson,Ā Inge Morat, orĀ Josef Koudelka,Ā among many others who worked with this agency.

Today, we would recommend taking a look at some of the work ofĀ Josef KoudelkaĀ who took photos of the fiestas between 1972 and 1978 in Pamplona. Some of his photos can be seen at theĀ MagnumĀ web site, where it is also possible to acquire copies of his photos and where you can also find some of this authorā€™s books.

Some of the snapshots and images defy explanation such as the one below, – A Running of the Bulls? The Bull Ring?

Esquire announces that it will broadcast live the Running of the Bulls


Esquire NetworkĀ has just announced today some of their forthcoming projects for 2015 and once again they plan to broadcast the Running of the Bulls live next July. Matt Hanna, Head of Original Programs at Esquire Network, made the announcement today and he justifies his new programming for 2015 thanks to the success achieved with audience figures which increased by some 21% from the previous year. Above all, there was a big increase in their male audience of men between the ages of 18 and 40 years.

The Running of the Bulls was defined at the presentation of the new programming as the best-known cultural icon of the whole world and he stressed that the broadcasting of the event would be live. As well as the live 2014 broadcasts, he also underlined the role of John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway in the success of the event. John was, of course, Kukuxumusu guiri del aƱo when he was given their foreigner-of-the-year award in 2013.